The Big Game

Tonight I’m watching what is known as “the game.”. Each year Clemson plays the University of South Carolina. Though they play in different conferences and the significance for championships and bowl games is usually minimal, this game rises above all of that. Bragging rights for the fan of the winning team are priceless. I would say that about everyone here in SC is either at the game, watching the game on ESPN2, or crouched next to grandpa’s old radio straining to hear every down. Everyone is focused right now on this game and its outcome.

There is a much bigger game going on, however, and this game is for keeps. We are faced with a world that without Christ is condemned to an eternity in hell. What would our result be if we were to focus on the eternal just as much as we focus on the temporal?

Carolina is up by 12 points going into halftime and we don’t know who is going to win or how the second half is going to play out. As believers, we know who wins, the victory is assured. Let’s stay focused and win the game set before us!